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We are bringing the best educational resources from Silicon Valley to Latin America with our successful Machine Learning and Data Engineering Accelerator Programs. We’re open to applications for both of these programs on a rolling basis — if you’re interested, apply below and we’ll let you know when our next programs will be running.
Our reason for running the programs? The demand for Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers has increased dramatically in recent years. The amount of data being produced has never been higher and will only continue to increase. To make use of this data, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers are absolutely vital and so we want to help train and educate a new generation of highly skilled and qualified engineers to help advance society.
Our recruiting process is highly selective; we’re always looking for the best talent. Our immersive, full-time accelerator programs run for 12 weeks. Upon completion, we offer selected program graduates full-time job opportunities to work on cutting-edge data-driven projects. We also offer continuous learning programs for Factored employees to constantly update their skills. Better still, the accelerator programs come with no upfront costs for participants and we even pay a monthly stipend to cover living costs while learning. Applications are open to anyone based in Latin America. To register your interest in our next Machine Learning and Data Engineering Accelerator Programs, apply below for the program that best suits you.

Join Our Leading Machine Learning & Engineering Programs

Factored’s Accelerator Programs in Machine Learning and Data Engineering bridge Silicon Valley’s innovation to Latin America, training the next generation of tech experts. Our intensive 12-week courses, with no upfront cost and a living stipend, culminate in potential full-time roles for standout graduates ready to shape the future of data-driven industries.


Factored recruits, trains, and builds high-caliber data science, data engineering, AI and machine learning engineering teams. Our highly selective vetting of engineering talent, and our rigorous advanced accelerator programs, result in world-class teams that can confidently compete with the top 3% data science, data engineering and machine learning engineers in the world.

  • People with the desire to boost their careers in the Data Engineering or Machine Learning Engineering field. You might be a good fit if you are a data engineer, data analyst, analytics engineer, machine learning engineer, or backend developer.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics or other engineering fields.
    1+ years of experience in data-related projects reflected in any of the following: work experience, thesis, articles, publications, conferences, and other projects.
    Strong problem solvers and quick learners.
    Basic understanding and experience in Backend Development.
    Proficiency in Python, SQL or any programming language.
    Excellent English communication skills and the ability to have in-depth technical discussions with both the engineering team and business people.

Nice to have but not mandatory:

  • MSc, Ph.D. or other related studies is a plus.
  • Cloud Computing is a plus.

Our team is composed of worldwide AI experts, educators, and industry leaders (Andrew Ng, AI Fund,, former Stanford University instructors). We’ve designed a curriculum that aims to make talented engineers industry-ready in under 12 weeks.

Our Accelerator Program consists of:

  1. Mix of classroom and online content with extended discussions and assignments.
  2. Literature review and paper implementation.
  3. Capstone projects based on real-world problems and datasets.
  4. Mentorship and soft-skills development.

Our programs are optimally designed to cover the technical challenges behind AI, from the foundations behind learning algorithms to the computational challenges to build and scale successful AI systems in real-world problems.

  • Both programs run for 12 weeks from Monday to Friday.
  • This is a fully remote program.
  • Participants who then become full-time Factored employees have the opportunity to take part in our continuous learning program to ensure they’re always up-to-date when it comes to cutting-edge skills and processes in the data science and AI industry.
  1. Candidates fill in an online application form.
  2. Candidates who pass the résumé screening stage will receive an invitation by email to complete online assessments within 7(seven) days of email notice.
  3. Candidates who pass the online assessment stage will receive instructions to schedule a behavioral interview.
  4. Candidates who pass the behavioral interview stage will receive instructions to prepare for two (2) technical interviews.
  5. Candidates who pass the technical interviews will be contacted by the recruitment team to schedule the cultural fit interview with our CEO, Israel Niezen.
  6. Recruitment team communicates the admission decision.

We look for strong engineers with a proven passion for AI. How to prepare for the test depends on which program you are applying to.

If applying to the machine learning accelerator program:

  • Brush up on: Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Math and Calculus, and Classical Machine Learning.
  • Practice: object-oriented programming, inheritance and composition, and algorithmic coding.

If applying to the data engineering accelerator program:

  • Sharpen your SQL skills by reviewing: selecting columns, filtering rows, aggregate functions, sorting and grouping.
  • Know how to establish a connection to a server (PostgreSQL), and also how to create: tables, schemas, views and materialized views.
  • Practice: object-oriented programming, inheritance and composition, and algorithmic coding.

Yes, Factored pays a monthly stipend to all program participants to offset cost of living while participating in the accelerator program.

Factored does not charge any upfront fees to enroll and participate in the program. Nonetheless, you must sign a loan agreement for an amount equivalent to the cost of providing the program to you. This loan will be fully repaid and canceled after you complete 2.5 years of full-time employment at Factored.

We will conduct a technical assessment by the end of the accelerator program. Factored will extend full-time employment offers to participants that successfully complete and graduate from the accelerator program.

You will work on projects for external partners and clients of Factored. These are typically fast-growing companies from around the globe who are actively expanding their AI capacity.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to write us an email at You should also join our informational webinars to learn more about the accelerator programs; we will be in touch via email to let you know when these are taking place.