Case Study 2: Marketing & Advertising

& Advertising

The Challenge:

To create a desktop app to serve a constrained optimization Python model that was previously executed using several Excel files and Java. (optimize marketing spend across channels between digital, door-to-door, phone calls, number of visits to physical stores).

The Solution:

We built a desktop app using Electron.js and React.js as a front-end and Python as a back-end. Also, we simplified a model that required a complicated setup with multiple Excel files and had a runtime of hours into a model that leverages constrained optimization with a few parameters than runs in minutes.

The Outcome:

Factored built a desktop app for market channels investment optimization to improve marketing consultancy. Our solution resulted in an increase in team performance and a decrease in project execution time.

The application is now used as an internal tool and helps improve the team’s performance while decreasing the execution time of projects.

Tech Stack & Skills:

Electron.js, React.js and Python. Javascript, Python.