Case Study 3: Marketing & Advertising

& Advertising

The Challenge:

Without a reliable way to derive insightful information about marketing channels, marketers struggled to detect the optimal way to approach users appropriate to their demographics.

The challenge was to accurately measure the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns and detect the optimal strategy to reach distinct audiences in terms of frequency, channels and content.

The Solution:

Factored provided statistical analysis of the impact of marketing campaigns on various segments of users,  measured in “impressions”, “clicks” and “dismisses”. 

We then calculated the conversion rates of users across different verticals, product areas, campaign types, and context. The results and insights were summarized in a dashboard.

The Outcome:

We summarized the results with insightful data visualizations and delivered to stakeholders in the form of  comprehensive dashboards. This enabled the Social Media Company to keep track of their marketing campaigns and their impact on users.

Tech Tools & Skills Applied:

GoogleSQL, Plx Datasites, Data Visualization, Python.