Case Study 4: Marketing & Advertising

& Advertising

The Challenge:

Create a data product using high quality metadata and curated information that allows the growth and product teams to easily calculate Activation & Acquisition metrics.

The Solution:

We built ELT pipelines that enabled marketing attribution analytics and data driven decisions for marketing. The data engineering team created a dataset from raw No-SQL tables along with documentation.

The dataset and the documentation were both built inside the company’s data catalog and information platform and could then easily be made available to the business stakeholders.

The Outcome:

The result was a single source of truth: This curated data product allows the entire Business Line to easily calculate and analyze core KPIs that will have consistent results across the Debit Line teams.

A secondary benefit emerged where this dataset also allowed the business to track actual acquisition costs to estimates.

Tech Tools & Skills Applied:

No-SQL, ELT, Tableau, Snowflake, dbt, Jupyter Notebooks, Github, DBeaver and analytics engineering techniques.



percent ability to track core KPIs​ for an entire Business Line

percent ability to track actual business costs