Case Study 4: Marketing & Advertising

& Advertising

The Challenge:

Create a data product using high quality metadata and curated information that allows the growth and product teams to easily calculate Activation & Acquisition metrics.

The Solution:

The data engineering team created a dataset from raw No-SQL tables along with documentation that was created inside the company’s data catalog and information platform and made available to the business stakeholders from there.

The Outcome:

Applying analytics engineering techniques, we built ELT pipelines that enable marketing attribution analytics and data driven decisions for marketing.

A single source of truth: This curated data product allows whole Business Line to easily calculate and analyze core KPIs that will have consistent results across the Debit Line teams. A secondary benefit emerged where this dataset also allowed the business to track actual acquisition costs to estimates.

Tech Tools & Skills Applied:

No-SQL, ELT, Tableau, Snowflake, dbt, Jupyter Notebooks, Github, DBeaver