Closing AI Talent Gap

Exporting Knowledge and Closing the AI Talent Gap

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Venture capital firm, AI Fund, sat down with our CEO, Israel Niezen, to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and how he built Factored. He explained how he found the right experts, what it takes to build a successful tech business, and why there is so much value in recruiting talented individuals from around the world. 

Israel shares how Factored’s expert engineers have helped solve complex data science problems for a wide range of industries. The need for data scientists, machine learning engineers, data engineers, and data analysts is growing—especially in a fast-changing world. That’s where we specialize and where we can provide the highest quality and most rigorously-vetted talent.

It’s no secret that the current global ratio of AI talent demand to supply is about 5:1, meaning there’s a huge shortage of AI talent. This shortage can be attributed in part to the fact that many companies are unable to find people with the right skillset or background for their particular needs—Factored’s solution is a key player in resolving this problem. “We solve that problem by giving U.S. companies access to some of the most brilliant engineers and analysts in the world.”

The world is changing, and AI is changing the world even more. To navigate this change, AI is currently used to advance healthcare, democratize access to financial products and FinTech, and even to optimize marketing, logistics, transportation— and the list goes on and on! 

“I think leaders and society as a whole need to understand that automation will inevitably lead to worker displacement at some point. So we need to start thinking about a future where all humans are protected and where the benefits and productivity gains that AI brings are turned into benefits for mankind as a whole, not just for a lucky few.” said Israel Niezen. 

Check out the interview in AI Fund’s post to read the full interview:

See the full discussion:

  • Why did you co-found Factored?
  • Why the name Factored? 
  • Who do you serve?
  • What was your experience like founding Factored with AI Fund?
  • How do your fellow portfolio CEOs help you in your company-building journey?
  • What is a skillset that you believe all founders need?
  • How do you see AI moving humanity forward?
  • What is something you read, or that a mentor told you and you never forgot?

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