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Machine Learning Engineering

Data Engineering

Data Analytics Engineering

Data Analysis & Visualization

  • Role:  Define and deploy AI models; ensure their usefulness in production.  
  • Top Tools & Skills:  Swift, Go, Python, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Recurrent, Convolutional and Attention Architectures, NLP, Computer Vision, Time Series Forecasting.

Role:  Manage the entire data lifecycle from various sources and prepare the data for the team when AI models are deployed. 

Top Tools & Skills:  SQL, Spark, Hive, Airflow, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, and various AWS services (Glue, Redshift, EMR, DynamoDB)

  • Role:  Provide clean, tested and documented data sets and data models to end-users across the entire organization. 
  • Top Tools & Skills:  Snowflake, Airbyte, dbt, SQL, Perfect, Python, Looker, Hex.
  • Role:  Analyze data trends; identify key data insights; ensure business value is delivered by AI projects.  
  • Top Tools & Skills:  Pandas, Scikit-learn, Spark, Tableau, Cube.js, AWS Quicksight, AWS Redshift