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We partner with a diverse set of industry leaders, technology and solutions providers to help businesses implement the most effective machine learning, data engineering, and data analytics solutions using the industry’s most cutting-edge tools.

Premier AI Partner with Nvidia, Databricks, Snowflake

Factored, an esteemed AI partner, collaborates with leading tech giants like Nvidia, Databricks, and Snowflake to deliver top-tier AI and data science solutions. Through these partnerships, we offer advanced training, certifications, and cutting-edge tools, cementing our position as innovators in AI. Our engineers and analysts leverage these relationships to bring our clients the latest advancements in AI, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

– Michael Jordan

Factored is collaborating with AWS to deliver comprehensive and carefully considered solutions for clients in the domains of data analytics, machine learning and data engineering.  Achieving APN Select Consulting Partner status requires the fulfillment of a rigorous set of criteria including AWS professional certifications, quality assessments of projects implemented using AWS, and extensive client feedback.  As an APN Select Consulting Partner, Factored bolsters its reputation as a high-caliber company fostering the up-skilling of engineers and analysts, and solution implementation, in the field of AI.

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As a result of the partnership, Factored engineers and analysts can integrate all data-related processes in one platform to carry out tasks such as request parallelization, distance calculation and model interpretability. The partnership enhances cross-functional collaboration, visibility and efficiency in decision making and solution implementation for Factored’s clients.  Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform helps organizations accelerate innovation by unifying data teams with an open, scalable platform for all of their data-driven use cases.  From streaming analytics and AI to BI, Databricks provides a modern Lakehouse architecture that unifies data engineering, data science, machine learning and analytics within a single collaborative platform.

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Thanks to the partnership with dbt Labs, Factored engineers and analysts can efficiently collaborate across various data platforms to successfully transform, test and utilize data to generate dynamic and informative business insights and ultimately fuel growth. Factored engineers are experienced working with dbt, which allows Factored clients to apply this framework to their operations. The partnership enhances cross-functional participation, data interpretability and efficiency in decision making and solution implementation for Factored’s clients. 

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Snowflake partners with Factored

The Snowflake partnership unlocks the potential of the data cloud and provides a boost to our engineers with a wide array of training opportunities and certifications. As a Snowflake partner Factored engineers provide customers with trusted and validated experts and services around implementation, migration, data architecture and data pipeline design, BI integration, ETL/ELT integration, performance, and performance optimization. 

Snowflake’s  certified partnerships and integrations enable businesses to leverage Snowflake’s flexibility, performance, and ease of use to deliver more meaningful data insights. 

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Astronomer partners with Factored

Astronomer is the commercial developer of Apache Airflow, supporting the ecosystem, community and innovation roadmap for the open source data orchestration framework.  As an Astronomer partner, Factored engineers have the opportunity to receive training and certification in multiple areas pertaining both Airflow and Astronomer. 

Astronomer is where companies large and small turn for the ultimate in Airflow product offerings, services and expertise. As an Astronomer partner, Factored engineers can gain expertise in a variety of solutions that can enhance the customers’ experience of Airflow. 

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The NVIDIA Inception is a program designed to help fast-growing technology startups to enable them evolve faster through access to cutting-edge technology and NVIDIA experts, connections with venture capitalists, and co-marketing support.  All this is created with the intention to heighten visibility in the market and propel growth for companies like Factored. 

The NVIDIA Inception program provides members the best technical tools, latest resources, and opportunities to connect with investors.

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