Looking for a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer?


Looking For a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer in the U.S.A.?

Get In Line...

We have very bad news for those looking to hire qualified data scientists, data engineers, or machine learning engineers in the U.S.A.  It will be almost impossible for you to succeed.  The supply and demand dynamics are such that you may have about a 0-1% chance of hiring domestic engineers.

Inquiring minds turned to LinkedIn Jobs postings and profiles to see how many qualified data scientists are out there to fill the countless AI, data engineer, data analyst and machine learning engineer positions out there.  We did some VERY basic back of the envelope math to illustrate this.  We looked at the total number of job openings for these roles in the U.S.A (roughly 580k with some reasonable assumptions), and the TOTAL number of profiles for those same roles in the U.S.A (about 115k).  But wait, it gets worse!  Estimate just how many of those 115k are available or easily poachable at any given time?  5% perhaps?  That takes us down to 5.8k potential candidates to fill 580k roles.

Very simple math, we agree, and full of assumptions. Perhaps.  Definitely no data scientist was employed in the making of this logic. But you can’t deny we are looking at a very obvious practical problem here that others might refuse to see. 
However, regardless of better math or assumptions, there is just nowhere near enough supply of qualified talent.

This is why it will be practically impossible for YOUR company to hire qualified domestic data science, machine learning engineers or data engineers sustainably. This is why no matter what your internal recruiting teams and more inexperienced hiring managers are telling you, they are unfortunately wrong and will not succeed. You will be waiting 6-8 months to fill those roles, if you are lucky, only to see your engineers poached a few months later so they can go throw frisbees at some FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet) company.

Who else are you competing against you wonder?

  • Any company in any industry looking to reduce costs by efficiently managing their data.
  • Any company in any industry looking to reimagine their processes and create new innovative solutions to solve for their industry’s biggest challenges. 
  • Any company in any industry looking to beat the competition. 

But don’t take our word for it.  We invite you to do your own research. 

Looking for data scientists?

Looking for data science or machine learning engineers?

Factored can help you realize your projects with highly skilled and vetted analytical brains in data science. 

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