Abstract lights depicting machine learning

An Intuitive Explanation of Transformer-Based Models

If you’re a data scientist working in the field of machine learning, you’ll no doubt be aware of all the natural language processing (NLP) BERT-like models that are taking the field by storm. With names like BERT, RoBERTa, ALBERT, DistilBERT … Read More

Difference in data roles infographic

The Responsibility of a Data Engineer

There are quite a few roles in the data science field: data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, data architects, BI developers, and so on… The list of roles is rather long. There are so many roles, in … Read More

Engineers Working in Office Together

Building Incredible Remote AI and Data Science Teams

In 2019, Stripe announced that their fifth engineering hub would be remote because they wanted to tap the 99.74% of talented engineers living outside the metro areas of San Francisco, Seattle, Dublin, and Singapore (their first four physical tech hubs). … Read More