Andrew Ng on Addressing Global AI Shortage

Andrew Ng on Addressing the Global AI Talent Shortage

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Factored Data Experts

An interview with data-centric AI expert, Andrew Ng on why he helped create Factored

We recently sat down with Andrew Ng— the co-founder of Google Brain and Coursera—to learn more about why he saw the need for a company like Factored, how the company is contributing to the data science and AI ecosystem, and what makes Factored unique.

Let’s dive in.

Why was Factored founded?

AI technologies started working really well in just the last decade or so. As a result, there are so many ideas for exciting and valuable AI projects that companies out there want to do, but there simply isn’t enough AI talent in Silicon Valley, the United States—or, frankly—anywhere in the world. That’s why Factored was founded: To play a leading role in finding great technical talent and connecting them with the businesses that are building valuable and exciting AI projects; that way, the work can actually be realized.

What are some of the barriers you’ve seen to widespread data science and AI adoption?

As I mentioned, the global shortage of AI talent today means that many great ideas and valuable projects are being delayed, frustrating CEOs, CTOs, and technical leaders. I’ve seen many situations in which CEOs felt that product and revenue initiatives weren’t proceeding at the pace they wished due to a lack of talent to drive AI projects forward. That’s why Factored has been building up a workforce that works in or near the various US time zones; this allows talent to work alongside US companies to advance these projects, hand-in-hand.

How is Factored contributing to the data science and AI ecosystem?

Ever since the inception of Factored, the company has consistently held a very high bar for the caliber of data analysts, machine learning engineers, data engineers, and other roles that are needed to help businesses build out their AI capabilities. We have held a consistently high bar—even as Factored has scaled considerably and even in the middle of this global AI talent shortage.

What makes Factored unique?

Factored is a bicultural team that has deep connections and a deep understanding of both the US and LATAM when it comes to work culture, education, and how to build AI businesses. This, in addition to their MBAs, Masters, and PhDs in AI-related fields from top educational institutions in the US and around the world, means the team provides a very rich set of expertise that enriches the different projects they work on. In addition to providing the technical skills and talent that help companies execute great AI projects, Factored also helps many hardworking, passionate individuals accelerate their own personal growth.

Could you tell us more about Factored’s industry expertise?

Factored has a large set of clients and has completed successful projects in a pretty diverse set of industries. These range from FinTech and marketing optimization to supply chain optimization, retail, and more. In FinTech, our engineers have built multiple AI solutions in alternative credit, customer acquisition, and customer segmentation. In marketing, they’ve done deeply technical AI projects on the complicated problem of multi-channel attribution.

Who is Factored for?

For the great engineers in Latin America, Factored offers a place where you can access world-class training and work alongside other amazing engineers on stimulating, real-world projects for global companies. For the executives and hiring managers looking to bring on outstanding, highly-vetted engineers to accelerate your AI projects, working with Factored means you don’t have to keep those projects waiting anymore.

Why are you excited about what Factored is doing?

Factored doesn’t only help individuals with their technical careers, and it doesn’t only help businesses get AI projects done, it is also committed to helping spur the growth and development of the Latin American region.

Are you ready to learn how Factored can help your business? Book a meeting with us to discover how our engineers and analysts can help you finally take those AI projects off the back burner and into the final stages of development.

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