We help ambitious companies build
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analytics and data engineering teams
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Remove Barriers to Engineering Innovation

Empower your business with the right skilled talent when you need it.  Build your team with some of the best engineers in data science, machine learning and data analytics in the world.  Ramp quickly and efficiently without any talent constraints or compromise.

Leading Engineering Innovation with Expert AI Engineers

In the forefront of Engineering Innovation, our firm stands out by providing businesses with unparalleled AI engineers and solutions. Specializing in business analytics and data science, we equip your team with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in the competitive landscape of business intelligence solutions. Our AI engineers are meticulously vetted, ensuring only the top talent in data analytics and machine learning collaborate to elevate your business. From robust business analytics to comprehensive data infrastructure, we offer end-to-end expertise to revolutionize how you leverage data. Choose us for an elite partnership that prioritizes engineering innovation, propels your business forward, and ensures you remain at the forefront of the technological curve.

Implement AI Solutions With Factored

Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Data Analytics Company

Rigorous Vetting

Factored rigorously vets and recruits the very best talent among thousands of highly qualified data scientists and AI engineers across the Americas.

Our expert engineers have a wealth of expertise and varied career backgrounds. We consistently rank in the top 1-3% globally when tested in core skills like machine learning, mathematics, deep learning, data science and algorithmic coding.

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End-to-End Expertise

We cover the entire AI development cycle including data engineering and analysis, modeling, deployment, business analytics, and data infrastructure.

Our expertise includes fraud detection, credit default prediction, churn analysis, CRM segmentation, ad optimization, natural language processing, trend forecasting, recommender systems and computer vision.

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High-Caliber Teams

We build high-caliber data science, machine learning and data engineering teams for leading tech businesses that want to scale their AI efforts.

Our selective vetting process and rigorous up-skilling program (delivered by Stanford instructors) results in elite engineering teams that can confidently compete with the top engineers in the world.

Factored Partners with Industry Leaders

AI and Data Talent Unveiled:
2024 Market Report

Transform Your Talent Strategy with Data-Driven Insights

Why Choose Factored for Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Data Engineering Solutions?

We specialize in data science, machine learning, and data engineering; this laser-focused approach delivers client results right away.

Our top engineering talent can compete with the best in Silicon Valley, at a fraction of the cost. Our upskilling program was developed by the most recognized AI researchers and educators in the world and focuses on both theory and applied real-world projects.

We take care of everything your team needs to succeed, including premium office space, two daily meals, snacks, payroll, logistics, and HR so you can focus solely on your business and product.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our engineers and analysts in the first 2 weeks, you won’t pay a single cent—we are this confident that you will love working with us.

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Build a world-class machine learning, data analytics or data engineering team with us today.