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Interested in joining our team of ambitious, hard-working, fun-loving, expertly musical, polyglot, salsa-dancing, video-gaming elite engineers? 

We hire the best and upskill you to enhance your already impressive potential. We then keep you on top of your game with premium office space, daily meals, travel stipends, and continuous learning opportunities. 

Whether it’s for one of our world-class training programs or for open positions to start right now, we’re always looking to expand our highly skilled team. Depending on your interest, click on one of the boxes below to discover either our latest training program or our current job openings. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Embark on a transformative career with Factored, where opportunities for data science jobs, senior data engineer positions, and AI engineer roles abound. We are a team that values ingenuity and continuous growth, offering more than just business intelligence engineer roles — we provide a pathway to being at the forefront of AI innovation. As part of our team, you will contribute to cutting-edge projects that shape the future of technology across diverse industries. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that fosters learning and development, with world-class training programs crafted by experts from Stanford and Silicon Valley. If you’re driven to excel in data analytics jobs and seek a collaborative, vibrant workplace, Factored is your destination. Join us to do the best work of your life, alongside brilliant minds passionate about making a tangible impact in the world of AI.

Closing AI Talent Gap

Do the Best Work of Your Life

Factored works with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking clients looking to shape the future of AI in a variety of industries. Whatever your interests and passions are, you will find fascinating projects to work on that will challenge you and give you tons of valuable experience.

Join a Passionate & Brilliant Team

We are highly selective about who joins our team. This is not just about having superior AI skills, but also about being good people that other good people like to be around. We are people who want to make a real difference in the world.

Continuously Learn & Grow

We are passionate about education and continuous learning. Our training programs are the best in their class—developed and taught by AI experts from Stanford and Silicon Valley.